Monday, September 19, 2005

new blogger

I'm a native Mainer. I followed my husband to the midwest for his job almost 10 years ago. Sometimes I find it amusing that we landed here, other days I just don't understand the midwest. I knew we were damn Yankees when we were in Georgia for college, and that we didn't like the south. Minnesota doesn't have cockroaches, and I'm used to the winters, anyway. So, here we are.

I'm taking photos for fun. It's been something that I've liked doing, but only since I've had kids have I been working to take better photos. I'll try to upload a photo I took in Maynard, MN. I took it while I was waiting for the kids to load into the van after visiting their friend.

P.S. The metal things in the background are grain bins (or grain elevators). They dwarf the main street of the town! The rail lines are behind them. The kids think they look like space ships.


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