Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Earrings, Motif #1

This is the first motif in the 25 motif challege for myself. I like the design, but I will be adjusting the size of the thread and beads and experimenting with colors. I want to see what a thicker thread looks like with that size beads. I don't have the earring posts yet. Ideas are welcome!

For tatters: I started with a ring of 6ds, p, 4ds, p, 4ds, 5p w/beads sep by 2ds, then 4ds, p, 4 ds, p, 6ds, close ring. Chain of 15 or 30 half stitches (depending on length) adding another ring like the first, more chain of 30 half stitches, another ring and then ending with a chain of 50 half stitches. Be sure to make the half stitch chains snug or they won't curl.

This was done in size 100 thread, DMC Cordonnet special, ecru.


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