Monday, September 11, 2006

Motif #6, earring 2a

I finished a set of earrings. I'll add beads on my next version.

Snowflake #1a. I adjusted this from the original pattern - I added small split rings between the star arms. I had extra space to fill because I didn't attach the larger rings to the center chains properly. I like it, though. I want to make another one now that I understand the pattern. I like to have snowflakes on hand to use for Christmas gifts.

This pattern came from a book my friend bought. I had copied the patterns, but didn't copy the title page. I don't usually sell (or publish) my tatting, so I haven't worried about it until now.


At 1:38 AM PDT, Blogger CraftyPretender said...

I love watching all your projects, especially the beaded earrings... as a new tatter, I'm learning how to do that now and trying to figure out the correct beads. Lovely work and accessories!


At 5:19 AM PDT, Blogger kristie said...

thanks so much. Hope you enjoy learning to tat!


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