Tuesday, September 27, 2005


I was out in the country, about 30 miles from town today. It seems that the traffic is different the further from town you are. Folks drive faster, but slow down more for the little towns. The roads are straight, so it's fun and relaxing to drive.

The winters are so long and cold here that we notice perfect days like today; 70's, clear and crisp. The leaves are starting to turn yellow around the edges of the trees. Driving past fields I like to see the shapes made by the rows of corn. Local folks like to see their crop rows straight, just like they like to see straight lines of telephone poles down the country roads. Is it a reaction to being at the mercy of the weather so much? We work around the winter storms all winter and the bugs in the summer.

Almost all the houses in town have immacuate yards. The small house next door has perfectly straight mower lines in their freshly mowed yard - diagonally. I want to take a photo showing this uniformity created by people, but I've never really known how.

I'm fussy about different things - lacemaking and my kids speaking proper english. I'm not fussy about housekeeping, lawn mowing or staking tomatoes neatly.


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