Tuesday, October 25, 2005

the house and radon

We are very close to owning a house. The radon test results were the last hurdle to clear. The radon meter we have gave a reading in the cellar of 2pci, short term. Good enough for us to close. I sent off the mail-away tests from the public health department, too. Those will come back later next week.

I was so impressed that the county public health departments sold radon test kits (testing air quality, but not water) for $4 or $6! Up north, public health departments sold them cheaper. But, everything was included in a postage paid envelope.

The photo is from the realtor's website. I should go in to take some photos of my own, but haven't taken the time yet. I guess it will wait. The kids will be excited - but we haven't told them. I think we will close, then bring them over to show them afterward. They have been through too much moving already, without waiting around for the closing. It has a big yard for the area, too. yeah.

Marshall is a 'hot-spot' for radon levels. We are so suprised that so few folks know about this. It is interesting to see the health statistics for the area, as well. The epi people don't see high levels of lung cancers here that would normally be associated with radon levels like this. Folks are pretty healthy here to begin with, we suppose. I know people use their basements for living areas and fix them up to make bedrooms, too. Go figure.

I suppose I could be out writing a grant to get more houses tested for radon levels. There are opportunities, I'd guess. I'll be busy sanding down hardwood floors and painting walls for a while, anyway. Packing boxes, again, too. . . . sigh.


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