Thursday, October 13, 2005

odds 'n ends

I made this doily from a tatting book my mother's mother owned. 1920's, maybe?

I'd like to adapt the outer edges of it to make a sweater collar. Wishful thinking, probably, but I put that idea on my list of 'things-to-d0-someday'. It's a long list, but I have two different wish lists. One list is of things that are smaller goals: specific tatting projects, learn more advanced tatting techniques, finish quilts for my boys, sewing fancy hats for my neice, photograph the red trees in town, build up my skimpy wardrobe, bake better bread more often, eat more whole food and less processed foods, learn to treat my low thryoid to feel well.

My second wish list is reaching further: learn the technical aspects of photography, learn to use Adobe Photoshop to it's full potential, photograph old barns on the drive from Minnesota to Maine (or make photo journals, each with a specific focus), teach the men in the family to pick up after themselves more, get a fulfilling part-time job making scads of money, get a car that's fun to drive and use it for fun.

I have this mental image of myself driving to Maine one last time to do my photo journal - I'm old and widowed and my grown kids are upset at me for doing something so irresponsible as driving so far by myself just to take photos. At least the cameras will be good enough by then to copmensate for my shaky hands and poor vision! I'm laughing at myself, now and then.

I did go out one day last week just to take pictures of the area. It was a grey, rainy morning and I was out in the little pickup stopping by the side of the roads, camera in hand. I thought I did well to get back without being squashed by huge farm equipment during harvest.

This is an ethanol plant in the area - I don't mind seeing it because it provides good jobs in the community. I'd like to see more of these scenes in Maine; then it would be easier to make a living there. Steve's truck runs on the ethanol - E-85, but you wouldn't know it's an environmentally friendly thing just seeing the plant that makes the stuff. The truck doesn't get as good gas mileage on E-85. The only time I ran out of gas was with his truck running on E-85.


At 12:20 PM PDT, Blogger American Lung Association of Minnesota said...

Want to know more about E85?

See this website from the American Lung Association of Minnesota:

At 7:29 AM PDT, Blogger kristie said...

wow. I got junk mail on my blog.

At 7:23 PM PDT, Blogger American Lung Association of Minnesota said...

Not "junk mail" or spam but Bob Moffitt, blogger and communications director for the American Lung Association of MN.

Sorry my earlier message was so short and "sales like," but I like to steer as many people as possible who are interested in E85 to our website.

We have (in my humble opinion) the finest E85 program in North America, and the best experts (not me, I'm just the PR guy).

Check out our E85 price forum or pump location list. You'll be glad you did...


At 6:27 AM PDT, Blogger kristie said...

Sorry, Mr Moffitt. Sounded like junk at first; I should have known better, since the word verification kicks in before you post. . . . :)

I'll go check the website.

We have E-85 at the Cenex in Marshall and surrounding towns. It seems that the price of E-85 tracks the regular gas prices pretty closely. Why should the E-85 price always be 30 or 40 cheaper than regular when it's an entirely different product made with a different process?

My hubby wants to know why Benson, MN has the cheapest E-85 anywhere in Minnesota?

His family in California and Maine talk about all the environmental stuff, but they can't even get E-85 where they live. We have the E-85 option in our cheap little Chevy pickup and can buy the gas easily here in MN. Can't talk any of the family to move here, though. go figure.

At 2:08 PM PDT, Blogger American Lung Association of Minnesota said...

We are also upset about the recent rise in E85 prices. It was probably unusually low early this summer, when we had an ethanol surplus and record prices for crude oil, but we can't explain the markup in some, refiners and stations owners are not making money hand over fist on E85, so that leaves the ever popular "middle men (or women)" holding the bag. AG Mike Hatch is on the scent of this, I expect some answers soon.

E85 is cheaper in Benson because that's the home of Chipawa (sp) Valley Ethanol (and Shakers vodka!), a firm that has committed to sell it's E85 considerably cheaper than regular unleaded. It will not sell its product to anyone who does not make the same commitment. God bless 'em, they understand that E85 is on the cusp of becoming a mainstream fuel in Minnesota -- if certain unnamed and unknown folks don't get too greedy.

Ethanol is a dirty word on the coasts -- they don't have it, and therfore are suspicious of its envirnomental benefits. We in the Midwest are suspicious of years of empty promises of clean electric cars, propane cars, natural gas cars, and now, hydrogen fual-cell cars.

We have yet to find a vehicle that runs on dreams or promises. We do have vehicles that run on corn and soybeans, and a fuel infrastructure we can use today.

E85 and biodiesel are making inroads, even in California and Maine. We have hope that they will soon see the light and join us on the road to cleaner fuels and vehicles.


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