Sunday, October 02, 2005


My kids are in school (public school) this year. I like the idea of schools and don't understand homeschooling. There are parents who are very well qualified to teach their own children at home, and they are good at it. We have good friends who are very committed to homeschooling and I know they are comfortable with their decisions. I think the kids are missing something. Personally, I enjoyed the variety of other kids I met in public schools, and liked the wide variety of subjects offered. Growing up, my world at home was pretty small. I would not want to be responsible for the bulk of my child's education, and appreciate there are professionals who are hired, with my tax dollars, to help with this.

There are many drawbacks to public schools, yes. I've heard them: bullying, not challenging the bright students, leaving the poor students behind, behavior problems and many other issues. I would guess that this would improve with smaller schools and more involvement of parents and teachers. Less administration wouldn't hurt. There are reasons that homeschooling has become popular.

My kids have been in private and public schools and there are pros and cons to each. I suppose there are situations where I would consider homeschooling, but not many. There are many times I wish my well-qualified homeschooling friends were teaching in a small neighborhood school where they could teach my children as well.


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