Friday, October 07, 2005

Small towns

Small town Minnestoa. The grain elevator is in the center of town. I drove out today (as a special trip!) to take photos today. I'll post them over the next few days, I think, since I have errands to do before the weekend.

Minneota is large enough to have a K-12 school. I've driven by it and the school is a nice new brick building. Very nice. The nursing home and assisted living center is across the street, and just as nice. I had to be careful to dodge the very large tractors driving down the main streets, though, as I'm gawking. I wasn't squashed like a bug in the little S-10, so it was a successful trip.

Ghent, Minnesota. The small print says "Rolle Bolle Capitol of the World." I can't verify their claim. I think Rolle Bolle is a sport, though.

Ghent is a very small town, with just a catholic school in town. Their kids are bussed to surrounding towns. The town has a new housing development with some nicer new houses (cookie-cutter-houses) that folks are buying to save money over buying in the town 6 miles down the road.


At 8:08 AM PDT, Blogger zarina said...

Minnesota!! Sounds good,
yea.. there are many cool places around..;) i wish i could get chance to visit those..


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