Tuesday, August 29, 2006

tatting motifs, continued

Motif 2 is a doodle; nothing fancy, just putting an edging together to make a thicker edging or border. My brother makes small wooden jewelery boxes and wants small designs to insert in the top of the boxes.

Size 30 DMC Cebelia

Earrings #1b redone in pink size 30 thread w/pink beads.

Size 30 DMC Cebelia

Earrings, Motif #1

This is the first motif in the 25 motif challege for myself. I like the design, but I will be adjusting the size of the thread and beads and experimenting with colors. I want to see what a thicker thread looks like with that size beads. I don't have the earring posts yet. Ideas are welcome!

For tatters: I started with a ring of 6ds, p, 4ds, p, 4ds, 5p w/beads sep by 2ds, then 4ds, p, 4 ds, p, 6ds, close ring. Chain of 15 or 30 half stitches (depending on length) adding another ring like the first, more chain of 30 half stitches, another ring and then ending with a chain of 50 half stitches. Be sure to make the half stitch chains snug or they won't curl.

This was done in size 100 thread, DMC Cordonnet special, ecru.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

tatting projects

I have been doing more tatting lately. I will be uploading some projects I've done recently - including the doily that won a first place ribbon in the local county fair. My hardanger doily also got first place. More to come!