Friday, October 28, 2005

Blue flower

I printed this in 5 x 7 as part of a 3 photo set for my living room wall. I especially liked the crinkles in the tips of the petals, but I liked the color and how the leaves curled around the flower, too. It's interesting how one photo can turn out so well, and others are just blah. I took many photos this summer of my Mom's garden flowers. I have another set of 4 photos from her garden that I put over my kitchen sink - lilies. Very nice, and hanging in 'my space', too.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

the house and radon

We are very close to owning a house. The radon test results were the last hurdle to clear. The radon meter we have gave a reading in the cellar of 2pci, short term. Good enough for us to close. I sent off the mail-away tests from the public health department, too. Those will come back later next week.

I was so impressed that the county public health departments sold radon test kits (testing air quality, but not water) for $4 or $6! Up north, public health departments sold them cheaper. But, everything was included in a postage paid envelope.

The photo is from the realtor's website. I should go in to take some photos of my own, but haven't taken the time yet. I guess it will wait. The kids will be excited - but we haven't told them. I think we will close, then bring them over to show them afterward. They have been through too much moving already, without waiting around for the closing. It has a big yard for the area, too. yeah.

Marshall is a 'hot-spot' for radon levels. We are so suprised that so few folks know about this. It is interesting to see the health statistics for the area, as well. The epi people don't see high levels of lung cancers here that would normally be associated with radon levels like this. Folks are pretty healthy here to begin with, we suppose. I know people use their basements for living areas and fix them up to make bedrooms, too. Go figure.

I suppose I could be out writing a grant to get more houses tested for radon levels. There are opportunities, I'd guess. I'll be busy sanding down hardwood floors and painting walls for a while, anyway. Packing boxes, again, too. . . . sigh.

Friday, October 21, 2005


This is what I see of the sunset; sitting at the computer.

Monday, October 17, 2005


The boys love this. It was at a fundraiser for hurricane victims yesterday.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Park photos

Here's more photos I took from the park. I was wandering around w/a camera while the boys played in the sandbox. The sandbox is the size of an entire house lot! They can spend a long time there. So, here's the result of me with some free time and a camera.

I guess I like red right now. The yellow leaves in town are slowly turning to red. I saw these chairs from the park.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

In the park

I'm not sure why I like this photo of cattails, but the vertical lines are interesting, and I like the browns and greens. There were cat tails by the fire pond when I was growing up in Maine.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Rosa's Stuff

Another tatter w/some of her tatted projects published.

Rosa's Stuff

Thursday, October 13, 2005

odds 'n ends

I made this doily from a tatting book my mother's mother owned. 1920's, maybe?

I'd like to adapt the outer edges of it to make a sweater collar. Wishful thinking, probably, but I put that idea on my list of 'things-to-d0-someday'. It's a long list, but I have two different wish lists. One list is of things that are smaller goals: specific tatting projects, learn more advanced tatting techniques, finish quilts for my boys, sewing fancy hats for my neice, photograph the red trees in town, build up my skimpy wardrobe, bake better bread more often, eat more whole food and less processed foods, learn to treat my low thryoid to feel well.

My second wish list is reaching further: learn the technical aspects of photography, learn to use Adobe Photoshop to it's full potential, photograph old barns on the drive from Minnesota to Maine (or make photo journals, each with a specific focus), teach the men in the family to pick up after themselves more, get a fulfilling part-time job making scads of money, get a car that's fun to drive and use it for fun.

I have this mental image of myself driving to Maine one last time to do my photo journal - I'm old and widowed and my grown kids are upset at me for doing something so irresponsible as driving so far by myself just to take photos. At least the cameras will be good enough by then to copmensate for my shaky hands and poor vision! I'm laughing at myself, now and then.

I did go out one day last week just to take pictures of the area. It was a grey, rainy morning and I was out in the little pickup stopping by the side of the roads, camera in hand. I thought I did well to get back without being squashed by huge farm equipment during harvest.

This is an ethanol plant in the area - I don't mind seeing it because it provides good jobs in the community. I'd like to see more of these scenes in Maine; then it would be easier to make a living there. Steve's truck runs on the ethanol - E-85, but you wouldn't know it's an environmentally friendly thing just seeing the plant that makes the stuff. The truck doesn't get as good gas mileage on E-85. The only time I ran out of gas was with his truck running on E-85.

Monday, October 10, 2005


Another building (in town, though) that I'd love to know about. It's probably nothing, but what in the world would this tall building be used for? I saw it driving through the industrial part of town. Sort of sinister? odd? I don't know.

I could really get known as someone weird if I went around asking as many questions as I'd like. Wonder if I could bribe my first grader into asking about these things? First-graders look clueless and can get away with asking lots of crazy questions.

Downtown small towns

This is from the downtown of Ghent. It was a block from the grain elevator and gas station. I'd love to know the story behind this building. Beyond this are nice neat houses with lawns, flowers and trees.

Notice the sidewalk is new?

Sunday, October 09, 2005


This is outside Ghent, MN. A post-harvest field can look well groomed. Contrast this to corn fields that often have a couple of inches of stubble left in the field to keep the dirt from blowing away.

In the winter these fields will have small snow waves created by blowing wind across the wide open space. It does look like a rough ocean of snow when you drive by.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Small towns

Small town Minnestoa. The grain elevator is in the center of town. I drove out today (as a special trip!) to take photos today. I'll post them over the next few days, I think, since I have errands to do before the weekend.

Minneota is large enough to have a K-12 school. I've driven by it and the school is a nice new brick building. Very nice. The nursing home and assisted living center is across the street, and just as nice. I had to be careful to dodge the very large tractors driving down the main streets, though, as I'm gawking. I wasn't squashed like a bug in the little S-10, so it was a successful trip.

Ghent, Minnesota. The small print says "Rolle Bolle Capitol of the World." I can't verify their claim. I think Rolle Bolle is a sport, though.

Ghent is a very small town, with just a catholic school in town. Their kids are bussed to surrounding towns. The town has a new housing development with some nicer new houses (cookie-cutter-houses) that folks are buying to save money over buying in the town 6 miles down the road.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Red Tree

This is the tree with red leaves that we can see from our driveway. I didn't get outside to take the photo before a lot of the leaves fell. I know it's not a great photo, but there aren't many red leaves around town.

I think the owners of that blue house would be really embarrassed to find a photo showing their garage needs paint. . . .

The second tree I found with red leaves is in a downtown park. I'll have to find it on my bike to take the photo, I think.

I know there are much better fall foliage colors in New England. I don't miss the fall leaves in Maine, really. I do like being settled into the fall routine and having everyone busy with school and work, wherever we are.

Sunday, October 02, 2005


My kids are in school (public school) this year. I like the idea of schools and don't understand homeschooling. There are parents who are very well qualified to teach their own children at home, and they are good at it. We have good friends who are very committed to homeschooling and I know they are comfortable with their decisions. I think the kids are missing something. Personally, I enjoyed the variety of other kids I met in public schools, and liked the wide variety of subjects offered. Growing up, my world at home was pretty small. I would not want to be responsible for the bulk of my child's education, and appreciate there are professionals who are hired, with my tax dollars, to help with this.

There are many drawbacks to public schools, yes. I've heard them: bullying, not challenging the bright students, leaving the poor students behind, behavior problems and many other issues. I would guess that this would improve with smaller schools and more involvement of parents and teachers. Less administration wouldn't hurt. There are reasons that homeschooling has become popular.

My kids have been in private and public schools and there are pros and cons to each. I suppose there are situations where I would consider homeschooling, but not many. There are many times I wish my well-qualified homeschooling friends were teaching in a small neighborhood school where they could teach my children as well.